“My hand will be raised at the end.”

 They say that the most dangerous fighter is one with his back against the wall.

For Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy (23-9-0-1), that may be just the thing that carries him to victory when he faces Chris “Lights Out” Lytle at “UFC® on Versus 5: Hardy vs. Lytle” this Sunday, August 14th, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“My goal is to be the first person to knock Chris out. I’m not sure when it will come or how it will come, but I have a lot of options, a lot of techniques that would get him out of there before the final bell.”

“The Outlaw” and “Lights Out” have garnered well-deserved reputations in MMA as “kill or be killed” artists that like to test their opponents’ chins. Between the two of them, they have perpetrated nearly forty stoppages in their careers. In short, the end result of these two locking horns is almost surely to be one of them on their back looking up at the lights in the arena.

When asked about his thoughts on a potential slugfest with Lytle, Hardy said, “That’s what I’m hoping for! Chris is an exciting fighter, and he always brings the fight. I’m sure this fight won’t be any different. I’m always fine with trading punches until someone falls over…I like my odds in that gamble.”

Point blank, are you a better striker than Lytle, Dan? “Yes, and I will prove it.”

Sponsoring “The Outlaw” for this main event fight will be top MMA brand Revgear. Hardy has been training with Revgear products in advance for the all-important bout, and has been very happy with the results. “Revgear products are awesome…it’s all I have been using for the past couple of months,” he explained. “The shin-guards and sparring gloves are the most comfortable and well-designed I have ever used. I love my new Revgear training bag, too. I usually destroy my kit bag in a couple of weeks, but this one is indestructible!”

Many fight fans don’t realize just how important sponsorships are to the fighters. But they are. “Sponsorships make a lot of things affordable for fighters that wouldn’t usually be possible,” stated “The Outlaw.” “I can use sponsorship money to travel for training, bring coaches in to help with camp, and go to see chiropractors and massage therapists to keep me healthy. Sponsorship makes for better, healthier fighters, and better performances.”

On another note, many fans want to know how to get started in MMA. What advice would “The Outlaw” offer those desiring to enter the ranks of the world’s fastest-growing sport? “It’s much easier now to get into MMA than it was when I started. Look up your local MMA gym…most cities have at least one now. If not, get into a Muay Thai or BJJ gym and learn the basics.”

For the time being, however, there’s only one thing on Hardy’s mind: Chris “Lights Out” Lytle. And his prediction for the fight is simple: “All I know is that the fight will be a war while it lasts, and my hand will be raised at the end.”

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