World Boxing Champion John ‘The Quietman’ Ruiz Opens full-contact gym

World Boxing Champion John ‘The Quietman’ Ruiz Opens full-contact gym

MEDFORD, Mass. – Two-time World Boxing Association (“WBA”) heavyweight champion John “The Quietman” Ruiz has opened Quietman Sports Gym, inside of Gold’s Gym in Medford (4000 Mystic Valley Parkway), which is a suburb of Boston and only a few miles from where Ruiz grew-up in Chelsea.

Quietman Sports Gym is a full-contact gym, featuring a boxing ring as well as a cage for MMA, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai fighting.The gym also offers boxing and full-contact fighting classes, personal and semi-private instruction, self defense classes, and white collar boxing.The gym is also available for rentals on Sundays.

Ruiz is the owner and chief boxing instructor. Other instructors include John’s brother, Eddie Ruiz, and Jose “Raul” Sanchez for boxing; Miguel Rivera, MMA/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; Michael Matulonis, kickboxing; Rich Bloom, wrestling; NiccKossivas, Muay Thai/MMA striking.

“I grew up in this area and wanted to return to my roots in order to give back to these communities,” Ruiz explained. “I’m very close to my family and friends I have back here, so this is also an opportunity for me to spend more time with them.I believe a gym like this helps communities and children.Our goal is to create a gym that develops Olympians, but also give kids a place to go, just like I had at the Somerville Boxing Club, where they stay off the streets and learn how to box, wrestle or mixed martial arts training. There are so many bad temptations today for kids and many of them really need a place to go.We want to help them develop self-esteem and character.”

Future plans call for Quietman Sports Gym to become a sanctioned USA Boxing gym. Ruiz also wants to become a boxing and MMA promoter – professional and amateur – and he has already started a boxing consulting agency, Quietman Sports, along with his longtime attorney and advisor, Boston Attorney Anthony M. Cardinale.

“I was able to see the world because of boxing and I want to help kids do the same as part of our future ‘Quietman’ traveling team,” John added.“I’ve been fortunate to have had so many memorable times through boxing and I really want to pass along those experiences and what I’ve learned.”

The 39-year-old Ruiz, who lives in Las Vegas, retired from the ring a year ago.He had a 44-9-1 (30 KOs) career record and fought in 12 world title fights.

Quitman Sports Gym offers active military personal, as well as police officers and fire fighters, discount memberships.

Hours of operations for Quietman Sports Gym are Monday-Thursday, 11 AM/ET-9 PM/ET; Friday 1 AM/ET-8 PM/ET; Saturday 9 AM/ET-2 PMN/ET (closed Sunday).

Formore information about the Quietman Sports Gym, call 781.396.6700, go online to or, or on Facebook at John Quietman Ruiz.

World Boxing Champion

John ‘The Quietman’ Ruiz

Opens full-contact gym

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