Los Angeles (Thursday, March 4)…The whirlwind three-city press tour that officially announced the May 1 welterweight showdown between superstar Floyd “Money” Mayweather and WBA Welterweight World Champion Sugar Shane Mosley ended today as throngs of fans and media gathered at a unique outdoor press event in NOKIA Plaza at L.A. LIVE to see two of boxing’s best fighters kick-off the promotion leading up to this highly competitive mega-fight.  With stops that rumbled through New York City, Washington, DC and Los Angeles, fans came out in droves to support their favorite fighter as they answer the question “Who R U Picking?”.


“I have been here before so I know what it takes.  I have fought the best.  Shane is a future Hall of Famer, and I am a future Hall of Famer.

“I have a great trainer, but our trainers can’t fight for us.

“I want to change this sport. I want to make sure it is clean that is why Shane and I are both taking random urine and blood tests leading up to the fight.

“I just want to work hard and be the best I can be.  May 1 is going to be a blockbuster event.”


“This fight is on May 1. May 1 is going to be ‘May’s first [loss]. I will make sure of that.

“I want to thank Money Mayweather for accepting the fight.  Before he was fighting everyone else, but he wasn’t fighting me.  He has officially accepted the challenge.

“I want to thank the fans.  I fought at Staples Center a couple of times and they were sell outs, so I appreciate that you guys (to the fans) always bring the love.”

ROGER MAYWEATHER, Mayeather’s Trainer

“This is going to be a tremendous fight.  You have two tremendous fighters.  This is what makes history.  You have to challenge someone people think you can’t beat.

“This is how the world of boxing works.  You have two very talented fighters and you will see what it means to be the best in the world.  On May 1, you will pass down the judgment for who is the best of them all.”


“You have people who are champions, you have people who are elite and you have people who are special.  On May 1, you have two of the most special guys in the history of the sport facing off.

“My job is to dissect Floyd Mayweather and to implement an attack.  Nothing is impenetrable, not even Floyd Mayweather.

“On May 1, we are going to convince this man to learn something new…how to lose!”

LEONARD ELLERBE, CEO of Mayweather Promotions

“I’ll tell you what; I am picking the guy with the undefeated record.  Forty have come and forty have gone, and it will be no different on May 1.

“On May 1, Shane is going to bring his best, but his best won’t be enough.”

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, President of Golden Boy Promotions

“This is going to be one heck of a fight.  I fought both guys and I lost to both guys.  This isn’t going to be about who wants it more.  This is going to be about the whole package.  Mayweather is the best, and Mosley will fight anybody and come out on top.

“On Cinco de Mayo, let’s celebrate a great fight.  Let’s celebrate two great fighters and lets celebrate a historic event.

“The undercard is going to be absolutely incredible. Tune in May 1.”

RICHARD SCHAEFER, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions

“These kind of fights come along once in a lifetime and this is going to be one of the most promoted fights in the history of the sport.

“We are here to set new records and set new standards.  We have NASCAR-like sponsors. This is going to be the most promoted fight in the history of the sport.”

BOB HALLORAN, Vice President of Sports for MGM MIRAGE

“We are very lucky to have these two individuals back in our building.  There is no home field advantage at the MGM MIRAGE, because both have fought here many times.

“Save the date.  The weekend of May 1, you will want to be in Vegas.”

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