Matthysse Camp Turns Down Harris Rematch

CARLSTADT, NJ. (March 22, 2010) — All former junior welterweight champion Vivian Harris was hoping for was a rematch with Lucas Matthysse in order to right the wrong that he suffered during their fight in Mexico City.

On February 20th referee Gelasio Perez Huerta unjustifiably stopped the competitive contest midway into the 4th round, in what several media members agree was one of the worst stoppages they have ever seen.

An immediate televised rematch in the United States was supposedly in the works but now seems unlikely. According to Golden Boy Promotions Lucas Matthysse has turned down the fight and the opportunity to set the record straight on his tainted victory.

“He’s a coward plain and simple,” said Harris from his home in Carlstadt, New Jersey. “Why else would he and his team not want to fight me? They saw that his eye was rapidly closing and that there was a lot more fight left. They know it’s a risky fight and they probably just want to go back to fighting nobodies in Argentina. They have padded his record from the start of his career.”

“He and I both know that the stoppage was bullshit. Everyone who saw that fight knows I didn’t lose that fight on fair terms. I want the chance to set the record straight. It’s a shame he’s a gutless coward.  I was looking forward to rearranging his face for a second time.”

Golden Boy Promotions and Harris’ management team have been working on reversing the decision to a no-contest and have filed an appeal. The Mexican boxing commission has yet to make a ruling.

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