Vladine Biosse: “September 3rd is what it is. From me you will get what you always get, the best in me. Day in, day out, I put in the time –four times a day or 2 times a day – to perform. This is a business and decisions are made about who you’re in with. But it doesn’t matter to me, I’ll fight anybody. I’m young in this sport with a short amateur career. I want to thank everyone for helping me grow. I’m being pushed to catch-up. I’ll be well prepared.”

Eric Estrada: “In my pro debut July 9th a lot of fans came out for me. They had fun and I won by a second-round knockout. I learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes. I’ve been working with my team on a lot of adjustments.”

Jimmy Smith: “Ever since I watched (growing up in Maine) Joey Gamache win the world title in 1992, I wanted to be a professional boxer. I’m looking forward to a successful pro debut.”

Jesse Barboza: “My last time here I was disappointed by what happened (first pro loss). I have a new trainer and we’ve made a lot of progress in training camp.”

Jonathan Vasquez: “I’m hoping for another exciting fight for the fans. I’m in good shape and I’m going to put on a good show for you to see.”

Dustin Reinhold: “I’m back…and excited. I get to fight here again. I came here to many times as a fan and now I’m fighting here for the second time on a CES show. I’ve been able to fulfill my childhood dream of being a professional boxer. It took 22 years to finally get on a poster. The child inside of me is happy. I know Rameil is a good puncher and good fighter. He’s going to come and try to take me out, but I’ve trained hard, so me and Rameil are going to entertain all of the people there September 3rd.”

Rameil Shelton: “I want to thank Jimmy Burchfield for turning me pro. I don’t believe in letting it go to the scorecards. I’m training to fight the best Dustin, I hope he’s training to fight the best me. I’m going for the knockout.”

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