By Reni M. Valenzuela

For the unimaginable evils that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. did and is doing in
boxing, to his wife, father, Pacman , Golden Boy and to everyone of us,
the whole boxing world should be raging in righteous indignation by now.

No doubt, Mayweather possesses exceptional skills in boxing but just
like hiring an employee, you don’t just look at the resume submitted, you
check on the “flipside” of the person’s skills or abilities which are attitudes,
streaks and character. And more often than not, that’s where an applicant is
rejected after having passed all the other qualifications.

A certain Holyfield has just commented on an internet boxing article: “If
Mayweather, Jr. is the face of boxing today, just as he continues to insist, I
don’t want to see boxing anymore.”

Or, I would have preferred to be born a century ago to enjoy the sport and
in the process become a better man.


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