By Reni M. Valenzuela

When you say red when it is blue, that’s miserable. But when you answer three when one
is added to one, that’s hopeless. The former is caused by poor sight or blindness, while the
latter’s problem is in the brain.

The Hopkins-Dawson Light Heavyweight championship bout is one of the most bizarre and
hilarious fights I have seen all my life, not only because of the wrestling move (without a
punch) that Chad Dawson did to “knock-out” Bernard Hopkins. But more so on account of
the “expertly” act of the referee and judges to come to a unanimous conclusion of a” knock-
out” win in the fight where there is none, and to see “no foul” committed by Dawson when the
opposite obvious can’t be more naked and bare before millions of eyes who watched the show.

Since when boxing has become wrestling? Funny, or the official judgment of the fight may
lead you to become paranoid if you try to figure it out. Yet at once the news spread and media
appears “retired” to the lousy outcome as headlines are plain as this, “Dawson wins by TKO” or
“Hopkins considers retirement after TKO loss to Dawson.” Now talk about hope for boxing.

My fifteen year-old son who is in high school saw the replay of the bout with me on local TV
and he laughed out loud in “amazement” to hear the verdict that Dawson won by TKO.

The issue is very elementary. Therefore the next time that an important boxing match up such
as the Hopkins-Dawson and Mayweather-Ortiz is to be staged, it would do well for boxing to
do away with “experts” and just let some simple-minded high school students do the job as
referees and judges.

That, I think, would help bring life back to a weakening “bed-ridden” sport.


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