Q & A Session with Artemio “King” Reyes

Orange, CA – In just four days WBC Latino Welterweight Champion Artemio “King” Reyes (13-1, 11 KOs) will step into the squared ring and go toe-to-toe for 8 rounds is a super welterweight bout against 2008 Olympian Javier “El Intocable” Molina (9-0, 4 KOs) as the co-feature to Brandon Gonzales vs. Ossie Duran on SHOWTIME’s “ShoBox: The New Generation”.  Today Reyes took time away from his hectic schedule to answer a Q & A in order to give  fight fans an insight into the life of a rising star.

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Q:            How old were you when you began to box?
A:            I was 18 years old when I began boxing and 19 when I began my
amateur career.

Q:            Why did you begin boxing?

A:            I began boxing so that I can learn how to improve my fighting ability. I
knew how to street fight but i wanted to improve in case I was jumped it
was important to know how to defend myself and in the area that I grew
up in (Rialto, California) crucial to know how to defend yourself.


Q:            When did you first know that you had a special skill and that boxing was                 something that you wanted to as a profession?

A:            The first time that I felt that I wanted to pursue boxing as a career was
after my first amateur win.  I remember knocking my opponent out and
having a feeling over take my body.  It was a feeling of excitement over
the win but also a feeling of excitement of knowing instinctually that I was
doing exactly what I was meant to do.


Q:            How many amateur fights did you have?

A:            35 amateur fights.


Q:            How old are you?

A:            I am 25 years old.


Q:            Tell us about your home life.

A:            I have one son and he’s 5 years old.  His name is Ezekiel Reyes.

I have two older sisters; Helen 27 and Molina 29

My father is named Artemio and my mother’s name is Fatima.


My home life is different from what one would expect.  I am extremely
busy.  Earlier this year I graduated from Riverside Community College
and now I am currently attending California State University San
Bernardino and managing the family restaurant business.  The
restaurant is called El Taquito and it is located in the city of Colton.
My specialty to cook is the Chile Verde.


My father used to run the family business until he was unfortunately a
victim of a car accident that left him comatosed.  He has been
comatosed for 3 years now.  My family and I take care of him.  He has a
nurse that visits once a month but for the most part we look after him.


Q:            What was it like when you won the Welterweight title?

A:            It was extremely emotional for me because this is something that my dad
and I always talked about.  When I finally got home, I walked right into his
room with the belt in hand and told him that I was bringing it home for him
and that I would continue to do so until he wakes up.  My last promise
that I told him was that I will bring him home the gloves that I fight with
this coming October 28 against Javier Molina.


Q:           Is there something that you do (a ritual) to honor your father before your                fight?

A:            Yes, every time I fight, I have “4 POPS” sewn around my waistband.
I wear that to not only honor my father but also take the courage that he
has demonstrated with me in the ring.


Q:           Earlier you mentioned that you are attending California State University                San Bernardino.  What is your major?

A:           I am working toward a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with
a focus on Accounting.  I am enrolled in two classes; Business Finance
course and Principal of Supply Chain Management.  My end goal is to be
a certified accountant.


Q:            How does that work with your boxing schedule?

A:            I have midterms scheduled this week but since I will be out of town I was
able to work it out with my professors and reschedule the midterms for
next week.  I am so thankful that I have understanding professors.


My daily schedule can be grueling because after I am done
with my boxing training and managerial duties at El Taquito I have to
come home to study for exams and to do my homework.


Q:            How are you able to keep up with everything?

A:             It’s what it takes for me to be successful.  – –  no rest –  –

I focus on the task at hand.  That is how I approach my life.  If I am
working out that is my sole focus.  If I am studying then that is what I am
doing.  It’s about being in the moment.


Artemio “King” Reyes holds up his boxing trunks with “4 POPS” embroidered on the waist band in honor of his father Artemio Reys, Sr.
A proud Fatima Reyes holds her son while posing in next to Artemio’s
WBC Latin Welterweight Title belt




Photo credit:  Carlos Baeza/Thompson Boxing Promotions

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