The Mayweather worshippers in media are the ones causing casual fans of boxing to hate Mayweather. But may somebody care about him, please!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is to be pitied rather hated or adulated. His bites against nemesis Manny Pacquiao in an impromptu interview few days prior to his fight with Miguel Cotto may have confirmed a diagnosis which reveals an age old ailment that is common to persons who have been detached in a long time from the actual world and therefore could already be on the verge of “loosing it” (along with a handful of Floyd’s “expert” defenders, perhaps).

Ever wonder why people chant and root for Floyd’s opponent whenever he fights? And why they watch?

Let us measure the stick right. However vastly and laudably skillful, powerful and “genius” Adolf Hitler was as a leader and soldier of his country during World War II, Hitler is still Hitler. So here reposes the liberating beauty and wonder of perspective at a level overlooking the earth. That when the light and heat of the sun, hiding but beaming brightly on the other side, touch the seekers of truth if it is dark and cold where they are.

How does a legitimate drug-test issue for boxers suddenly become “legitimately”
connected to a “drug-test” excuse by a boxer to avoid a fellow boxer, and then exalt him
for that? Idolatry. They are two issues apart from each other.

Mayweather has been profusely damned and venerated at the same time. He doesn’t
deserve what he’s been getting from many of us. He neither need our condemnation
nor praises. He badly needs our concern and prayers. Floyd has terrific potentials to
become truly great if and when he decides to turn around and serve God while serving
his term in jail by immerging himself into The Word for cleansing and growth.

From the day Pacman started to shine, Money Floyd could have been afflicted with
a kind of root decease that is beyond any medical specialist to handle. His behaviors
and mentality are symptomatic of a man deep into psychological and spiritual abyss of
illusion, insecurity, fear, panic, pride, egotism, self-exaltation, envy, jealousy, hatred,

wrath, self-centeredness, rudeness, arrogance, covetousness, bitterness, unforgiveness,
incontinence, resentment, indulgence and greed. And the boundless, endless dodging
adventures, exclusively for his part. What a miserable existence!

But more to be pitied are the people who have undying admiration of the “good
boy” of boxing and remain steadfast believing in him as a “self-packaged” boxer and
a ducking pound-for-pound “topnotch” winner after all the “unbeaten” crappy craze
and garbage littered all around, everywhere. They are the Mayweather devout ego-
feeders who make matters worse for Floyd and boxing, and they are deeper into the
same “Wonderland.”

Aside from boxing “madness” that fanatics relish to talk about and glorify or curse;
aside rigged fight verdicts, incompetent bias judges and referees, boxers on drugs,
padded gloves, needless ring violence, racism, profanity, toothless sanctioning bodies
and the “business only” matchups like the upcoming MGM bout on June 9; aside
from the “wars” being brought about by narrow-minded type of blown-up disputes or
silliness; and except for certain “experts” and PPV devotees who see nothing beyond
the millions of duped dollars that flow into the pockets of carnivorous promoters, rogue
boxers and crooks, could there be any other reason or “reason” to declare that the
sport is well or “well”?

However, boxing is not all inimical to good sport these days, in fairness. It comes
as a refreshing news the looming battle between Andre Ward and Chad Dawson in
September. And Carl Froch in a face-off versus Lucian Bute late this May can be very
interesting. But what about Saul Alvarez vs. Chavez Jr., Marquez vs. Morales, Khan vs.
Martinez, Bradley vs. Ortiz, Donaire vs. Arce, Klitchko vs. Klitchko and several other
possible excellent matchups.

When are they going to revive boxing in its original “glory” days, if not now?

How come there was haste on the part of HBO or Golden Boy to release the Pay-per-
view result and earnings of the recently concluded Mayweather-Cotto? On what ground
do they have to do that almost immediately after the fight in less than a week when it
took them nearly a couple of months to officially announce the PPV result for the earlier
Mayweather-Ortiz farce? Why the rush, quick and surprising PPV “revelation” when
nobody asked or even thought about it, yet?

The strangeness of the act and the big discrepancy in time frame suggest some probable
irregularity in the computation or “computation” of the numbers or “numbers” for the

said blockbusters or “blockbusters.” It makes even brainless monkeys think twice,
somewhere in between.

The announced PPV numbers and earnings, huge as they are adored, seem to negate
logic and nature in view of the widespread mood that prevailed to boycott these two
highly touted “blockbusters.” Truth can’t be altered. Bare as Adam and Eve in the
Garden before the Fall is the fact that live-gate sales movement for both Mayweather
fights proved otherwise as the news circulated days prior to the fights.

Boxing fans are beginning to realize the true state of the sport today. Thus, it is reported
that even tickets for the forthcoming and supposedly popular Pacquiao-Bradley
production had to be awkwardly discounted barely two weeks to fight night. And, oh,
for the most compelling indispensable reason that the Arum-Top Rank show must go on.

Boxing is not dead, perhaps. A lot of diehards, some boxing pens and willing zombies
are just sick, most likely. And that puts heavy weight to the diplomatic argument that
mildly says, perhaps.

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