Q & A With Hot Prospect Mario Barrios

Who are some of the fighters you liked growing up till now?

Mario Barrios: Julio Chavez Sr. and Oscar De La Hoya were fighters I watched. Diego Corrales was a tall fighter so I like looking at some of his fights as well. Right now I like watching Robert Guerrero and Manny Pacquiao.

Giovani Santillan Training Camp Update & Photos

On his opponent Osenohan Vazquez…

“Vazquez likes to stick to the basics,” Santillan continued. “That doesn’t make him an average fighter, but one that knows how to rely on his strengths. He doesn’t make too many mistakes, and we know he favors the left hook and right hand. So when I shadow box, or hit the pads, we are working to take those punches away from him. We’ve set up some nice counters.”