MARIO BARRIOSPhoto By Paul Gallegos

 SAN ANTONIO, TX – Rising star and undefeated featherweight phenom, Mario Barrios (7-0, 3 KOs), is looking to take his career to new heights in 2015.  After fighting six times in 2014, Barrios is on the fast track to accomplishing his dream of becoming a world champion.

Standing 6’1, Barrios has the height and reach advantage against most of his opponents.  With lighting fast hands, Barrios also possesses good footwork and power.  With adviser Al Haymonbacking him, Barrios feels he’s in a fantastic position.

“My team and I are very excited about this upcoming year,” said Mario Barrios, “Haymon Boxing is taking the sport to a whole new level and I want to position myself as one of the best prospects.  I know with a few more fights under my belt I’ll be able to move up to 10-round bouts and hopefully fight for a regional title.  The goal is to stay busy and focused on my future.  I’m very grateful to have Al Haymon guiding my career.  He’s the best in boxing. I’m looking forward to my next fight which will be announced very soon.”

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