Open letter from “El Gallo” Jose Antonio Rivera to Oscar de la Hoya

Dear Oscar:

I recently read that you’re making a comeback. I applaud you for wanting to be in a real fight, not involved in a circus-like exhibition, and completely understand why you’re coming back. I’m an expert on making a comeback having already made three.

You’re going back in the ring because you love boxing and miss being in the ring.   I can relate.   After my last fight (June 12, 2019), I said I was finally done for good, unless, of course, if I was presented a special opportunity I couldn’t refuse.

I know who you should fight…! Just make a fair offer.

You haven’t fought in 11 years, so, trust me, you don’t want to fight a top 10 fighter right away. Why not face a 3-time, 2-division world champion with a 43-6-1 (25 KOs) pro record? That way, you can gauge where you’re at because, if you can’t beat me, you’ll embarrass yourself against a top 10 fighter.

We’re both 47 (I’m actually two months younger) and we do have some unfinished business. Back in 2006, I defeated Alexandro Garcia (25-1), at home in the DCU Center in Worcester (MA) in front of 9,000 fans, to become the WBA World super middleweight champion. The same night (May 6) you captured the WBC super-welterweight title by knocking out Ricardo Mayorga at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

There were talks about us unifying the WBA and WBC titles. I’m not sure what did or didn’t happen but our unification title fight, unfortunately, never materialized for whatever reason.

Hey, champ, you’re one of the greatest boxers of all-time, hands down, going back to your gold medal performance at the 1992 Olympics, through a 39-6 (30 KOs) pro career, including 10 world championships in 6 different weight classes, right into the Hall of Fame. I’m not a trash talker and just want to let you know I’d be honored to get in the ring with you to settle our unfinished business.

We’d also be able to expand one of the greatest rivalries in boxing history, Mexico vs. Puerto Rico, only Americanize it because we were both born in the United States. But we also have great pride in our heritage, and boxing fans are hungry for an entertaining fight with deeper implications.

Both of us are boxing promoters, but because your Golden Boy Promotions is much more established than my Rivera Promotions Entertainment, you pick the date, site, and network. All I ask is sufficient time to get in top boxing shape.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I’m serious and if you are as well, let’s make this happen: “Golden Boy vs. El Gallo.”

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