WOW – Women Of Wrestling Episode 226 Preview Clip

SEASON 2 EPISODE 26: “A Very Important Main Event” The VIP Abilene Maverick is firmly in The Beast’s crosshairs as The Beast finally gets the rematch she’s been waiting on for weeks, and a chance to reclaim the WOW World Championship that she never lost. Adriana Gambino faces Sandy Shore and The Classmaster takes on Stephy Slays. And, with Penelope  Pink and Vickie Lynn McCoy having been dealt with, The Mother Truckers turn their attention to the members of The Fab Four who have the tag team gold, Miami’s Sweet Heat, in a Hardcore Championship Match. 

WOW – Women Of Wrestling airs weekly nationwide in syndication. Fans can go to and enter their zip code to find their local station in the US.

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