Miami, 21, march 2024. Colombian singer-songwriter Mike Bahia has once again been recognized for his exceptional talent and success in the music industry. With great excitement, we announce that Bahia has received multiple nominations at the prestigious 2024 Nuestra Tierra Awards, one of the most important events celebrating and honoring the best of national music.

Throughout 2023, Mike Bahia has made an indelible mark on the music scene with his successful collaboration on the song “Mi Pecadito,” alongside the talented Greeicy. This collaboration has been acknowledged with a nomination for Song of the Year at the Nuestra Tierra Awards, highlighting the quality and impact of this production.

Furthermore, Mike Bahia’s album “Contigo” has been a work that has captivated audiences nationwide, earning a well-deserved nomination in the Album of the Year category. The combination of emotive lyrics, infectious melodies, and masterful execution has made this album a reference in national music.

Last but certainly not least, Mike Bahia has been recognized as one of the top male pop artists of the year, showcasing his versatility, charisma, and ability to connect with audiences through his music.

The voting process for the 2024 Nuestra Tierra Awards includes public participation, representing 30% of the votes, along with the remaining 70%, which will be determined by the awards’ music committee, record labels, and aggregators. This combination ensures that both fan opinions and industry experts’ insights are considered in the final selection of winners.

Mike Bahia continues to demonstrate that he is one of the most outstanding and admired artists in Colombian national music. His dedication, talent, and passion for his art have made him a true pride of Colombia and an indispensable figure in the current music scene.

Mike Bahia’s team deeply appreciates the continued support of fans and the music industry. We are thrilled and honored by these nominations at the 2024 Nuestra Tierra Awards, and eagerly anticipate celebrating national music at this significant event.

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