Miami, Fl. – DAMIÁN, the charismatic Colombian singer-songwriter, renowned for his Caribbean energy and his ability to blend tropical rhythms, has announced the release of his latest musical production: “El Tropical Feeling – Vallenato & Cumbia Edition.”

This album promises to immerse listeners in a journey filled with infectious rhythms and emotive lyrics. Composed and produced entirely by Damián Torres and Luis Ortega, the album spans a variety of genres, from vallenato to cumbia, to tropical fusions that will captivate all lovers of Latin music.

The lead single, “TE ADORO,” serves as a love letter to Colombia and its people. The song celebrates the beauty of its landscapes, the richness of its culture, and the warmth of its hardworking people. Damián, in his own words, describes the album as “a very special delivery that reflects my Caribbean essence and marks the beginning of a new chapter in my music.”

The album, consisting of ten vibrant songs, includes previous hits such as “El Amor No Es Amor,” “Sabrosura,” and “Me Enamoro,” which have been enthusiastically received by the public since their release last year.

The production of “El Tropical Feeling – Vallenato & Cumbia Edition” features the masterful mixing and mastering of Eduin “Espuma” Andrades, and the artistic direction of Damián Torres and Luis Ortega.

Additionally, the music video for “TE ADORO,” directed by Harlyn Camargo and produced by Harlyn Go Inc., captures the essence and beauty of Colombia, from its breathtaking landscapes to its inspiring heroes in sports, music, and culture, worldwide.


Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Damian has more than two decades in music and entertainment and little by little he becomes a figure of Latin music, thanks to his charming charisma and the pure joy that emanates from inside, inside and out. offstage. He was a finalist for La Voz Colombia in 2012 and has worked with iconic artists such as Carlos Vives, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Fanny Lu, Silvestre Dangond, Felipe Peláez and many others.

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