WOW – Women Of Wrestling Episode 239 Preview

SEASON 2 EPISODE 39: “Champions Rise” Newly crowned WOW World Champion: The Beast has finally established that she’s the top of the WOW roster, but with so many predators on the hunt for gold, how long can The Beast hold on? After enduring attack after attack from Top Tier, Ariel Sky and her newfound protectors, The Mother Truckers, fight to prove that the powerful Coach Campanelli can’t always have it her way. With Rebel Haze in her corner, Fury stirs up a frenzy in the ring against the resolute GI Jane. Animal Instinct aims to wrangle the sweetest duo at WOW, Sugar and Spice, and Lana Star and her faction take on the daunting Island Dynasty: The Tonga Twins and Tiki Chamorro led by The Beast in the Main Event. Former and current champions clash in an epic battle that is sure to end in mayhem. 

Photo credit: WOW Television Enterprises, LLC

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