Judge Daniel Weinstein today issued an order to correct the false record that has been created by the recent statements from Top Rank and Manny Pacquiao’s representatives concerning what occurred at the mediation. The full text of the Judge’s statement is as follows:

Mediator’s Corrective Order Re: Mayweather-Pacquiao Mediation

The Mediator finds:

1. Various articles have appeared in the press purporting to characterize the substance and outcome of the Mayweather-Pacquiao mediation and the negotiations between the parties. Many of the reports are incorrect.

2. The mediation was a confidential proceeding. Any comments to the press or public by participants in the mediation purporting to report the substance or details of the mediation are violations of the strict confidentiality to which the parties and their representatives agreed and which they authorized the Mediator to enforce.

3. The parties and their representatives authorized that, if misinformation was disclosed to the press by either side, the Mediator would correct any erroneous information.

The Mediator corrects the erroneous reports to the press as follows:

a. Both parties participated in the mediation in good faith. Both parties participated in many hours of negotiation, with a number of proposals issued by each side and carefully considered by the parties and their representatives.

b. The Mediator himself did not formulate, recommend or issue a Mediator’s Proposal. The Mediator did not make an evaluation or finding that any one of the many proposals considered by the parties was the correct protocol.

c. Any attempt to characterize the mediation process as an acceptance or rejection by any of the parties of a mediator’s or an arbiter’s proposal or of any specific proposal is false.

d. In the end, the parties could not agree on a testing protocol acceptable to all.

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