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On March 2, get ready to laugh a lot as Evan Jacobs’ mock-documentary SCHUSTERMAN LEVINE: A BOXING FABLE steps into the DVD and downloadable arenas.

SCHUSTERMAN LEVINE: A BOXING FABLE will be available on DVD and, for the very first time, as a digital download and rental from Described as RAGING BULL meets TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, director Evan Jacobs wrote, directed and produced this comedic film in 1999. It was originally released in a 47 minute form by Cydonia Films in Spain. After that, it had a double DVD release in the states that Anhedenia Films had nothing to do with. This new version clocks in at 70 minutes.

“This is a movie that took me awhile to make and then an even longer time for anybody to see!,” Jacobs states. “When I edited SCHUSTERMAN LEVINE, I didn’t have a lot of money, so the post production process was compromised. This was my fault. Now that I have an editing system in my home, I was able to go back and add certain elements that make SCHUSTERMAN LEVINE: A BOXING FABLE a longer and somewhat different film.”

In the world of Schusterman Levine, life is devoid of purpose until he decides to become an amateur boxer and compete in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Training himself, Schusterman attracts the attention of Susan King who, seeing something special in Schusterman, decides to help him on his quest. He rounds out TEAM LEVINE with Armour Swift and Tony Tony. They set out to take on the boxing world… Losing his first bout because his beard is too long, things continue downhill from there. Schusterman gets knocked out when an opponent puts his guard up, complains that another one used anti-Semitic remarks to beat him and seems to only win fights when his opponents don’t show up.

“This movie is obviously very inspired by Woody Allen’s TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, ZELIG as well as the look of Jean-Luc Godard’s BREATHLESS. My hope is that the cinema verite look of the film, the added footage and the comedic intentions will hopefully create a sense of mystery around this lovable loser, Schusterman Levine. Oftentimes, I think of a sequel whereby this character comes back to take over the Mixed Martial Arts world or gets into arm wrestling,” Jacobs says.

Presented in Full Screen format with monaural audio, the SCHUSTERMAN LEVINE: A BOXING FABLE DVD will be available for $10.00 via


Director: Evan Jacobs

Written by: Evan Jacobs

Music by: Iceburn

Cast: Evan Jacobs, Chris Lohman, Zoli Teglas, Andy Barnett, Todd D. Trout, Jeff Banks, Michael J.. Vogelsang and Amy LeGrand

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