Los Angeles, CA (April 1, 2010) – The world-famous Palm Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles was the site for today’s introductory press conference formally announcing the May 8, 2010 “WEIGHT IS OVER” bout between a pair of former world welterweight champions Paul “The Punisher” Williams (38-1, 27 KOs) and Kermit “The Killer” Cintron (32-2-1, 28 KOs).

The scheduled 12-round battle – presented by Goossen Tutor Promotions in association with DiBella Entertainment — will be contested with both natural welterweights moving up to 154 pounds in what promises to be an action-packed main event for fans in attendance at the outdoor Home Depot Center in Carson, California and an HBO “World Championship Boxing” television audience.  Corona Beer will serve as the event’s sponsor.

In addition to the main event, promoter Dan Goossen introduced reigning WBO NABO Lightweight Champion Martin “El Brochas” Honorio (28-4-1, 14 KOs), who will drop back down to 130 pounds to take on 2004 Dominican Republic Olympian Argenis Mendez (15-1, 9 KOs) for the vacant USBA Junior Lightweight Title.

Seated on the dais were Williams and his manager/trainer George Peterson; Cintron and his representative from DBE, Ron Rizzo (also represent Mendez); Honorio and promoter Dan Goossen.

Following are quotes from today’s media event:

WILLIAMS: “I definitely gotta thank Cintron for giving me a shot.  A lot of guys don’t want to give me a shot in the ring.  They take a fight and pull out two weeks into it.  So I appreciate Cintron for giving me the fight.  This will be a great fight for my fans to see and for those not my fans to see.  I know Cintron is a hard puncher.  I’ve seen a couple of his fights and I know he’s gonna be bringing it that night.  I respect his power and a lot of stuff from him.  For my fans that come out they are going to be on pins and needles because they know they’re gonna get a knockdown, drag-out fight.  And they love that.  I love to fight.  Either the guy’s gonna get me or I’m gonna get him.  May the best man win.  We’re gonna bring the heat that night, so come wearing your tank tops!”

CINTRON:  “I’ve got nothing bad to say about Paul Williams.  I have a lot of respect for him.  Paul Williams is a great fighter, a great champion.  On May 8th, it’s gonna be a great night for both of us.  It’s gonna be two great fighters fighting and let the best man win.  It’s gonna be a hard fight for him and a hard fight for myself.  I’m sure he’s getting ready for this fight; I’m getting ready for this fight.  I’m gonna come in the best shape ever.  May 8th is gonna be a hell of a night for Paul Williams and myself.”

PETERSON: “I appreciate Cintron taking this fight because it’s not easy for Paul to get fights.  Paul would fight more regularly if we could get opponents and I want to thank Kermit for stepping up.  I think I read somewhere that Kermit mentioned that with his power if he hits Paul like (Sergio Martinez) did, he will knock Paul out.  There’re not gonna no rocks to crawl under in that ring and I want to know what’s gonna happen when you land that big punch that you’re counting on and Paul Williams is still there.  Paul Williams fights three minutes of every round.  It will be a good fight and we look to haveall of you out there. It’s gonna be a fight you’ll all enjoy.  Kermit is a very good fighter, no doubt about that.  And we’re prepared for that fight.”

RIZZO:  “This fight finally came together and I know he (Cintron) is excited about that.                  He had a big win last May on HBO (over undefeated Alfredo Angulo) and plans to have another big win on HBO in May, 2010.”

“Honorio will be fighting Argeniz Mendez, our junior lightweight, who’s a Dominican coming over out of the Top Rank stable.  We recently signed him and brought him along.  And he’s looking forward to the opportunity, which came together very quickly over the last week.  I know we’re excited and looking forward to the opportunity to fight for the USBA Lightweight Title.”

HONORIO:  “I’m really looking forward to being in the co-main event underneath Williams and Cintron.  I’m excited about dropping back down to my most comfortable weight to take on this tough opponent for the USBA title, and I’m ready to go.”

DAN GOOSSEN:  “This is a fight that we have tried on many occasions to make. From our end I’m glad we didn’t do it any earlier because it’s much bigger today.  Come May 8th, Paul is taking on the best challenge at 154 pounds today and Kermit is obviously taking on who we believe is the best 147-pounder, the best 154-pounder and the best 160-pounder.”

WILLIAMS-CINTRON PRESS CONFERENCE Photo credit: Jan Sanders/Goossen Tutor Promotions

Photo credit: Jan Sanders/Goossen Tutor Promotions

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