Evander Holyfield: “I’m happy to have the opportunity to fight in Las Vegas again. Everything that’s happened to me has been here – in 1984 I had to win Saturday and Sunday to make the Olympic team. In 1990, 1993, 1996 and 2000 I won the heavyweight title here. Las Vegas has been the place that’s given me the opportunity to be the person I am. I’m thankful for Botha giving me an opportunity to fight for a title again. My goal has simply been to be undisputed heavyweight champion. I’m a person – I think my attitude is good when people tell me I can’t do something — I’m driven by what people say I can’t do to prove I can. I’m not disappointed by decisions. I felt I beat Valuev. I won’t quit seeking to do my best and Saturday night you’ll see me give my all. If not enough, I’ll make adjustments.

“To be perfect is to reach my goal. I thought I did it in 1999 against Lennox (Lewis). Here, in 2010, and it’s going to be a great fight. I’m telling you, Saturday night, I’ll look better than I used to be.”

Frans Botha: “I’m defending my title against one of the greatest legends of all-time. This will make my resume perfect. I’ve fought some of the best and Evander is one of the best. Saturday night, I’m prepared for this. Evander had talent and experience. I’m getting in there knowing it’s going to be a tough fight. ‘The White Buffalo’ is roaming the prairie. I’m going to end your career, make you retire. The Buffalo is charging.

“I’m very grateful to be here. Me and Evander would have fought 10 years ago. I was No. 1 and he was champion. It didn’t work out. You’re a legend. You’ve fought some of the greatest, but I have to stop that. Saturday night you’re going to see a helluva fight.”

Henry Namauu: “I’m going to take advantage of what has been given to me. I’m not much for words; I just show up to fight.”

Rayford Johnson: “I’m guaranteeing Saturday night that I’ll win. My losses are losses, but I’m coming to fight and win.”

Arthur Williams: “I’m honored to be on a card with Evander Holyfield and Frans Botha. It’s a big card. I’m excited and ready to fight. My last fight I had a tragedy in my family. No excuse, I thought the referee stopped the fight prematurely, and I was winning. I’m ready to get it on. When all the smoke and dust clear, I’ll be standing.”

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