Fedor Emelianenko, Fight Week #7 lb4lb MMA Fighter

Fedor Emelianenko, Fight Week #7 lb4lb MMA Fighter

Introducing Fight Week’s number seven pound for pound Mixed Martial Arts fighter in the world, Fedor Emelianenko. Fedor has a record of  32-2 with 8 knockouts and 16 submissions. Fedor recently suffered his first real loss of his career at the hands of Fabricio Werdum. Fedor rocked Werdum with a punch and jumped in for the KO, unfortunately Fedor also jumped in to an open guard of a Brazilian jujitsu master. Up until the loss many MMA websites considered Fedor the best fighter in the world.Fedor has a running feud with UFC’s Dana White.

To check out the complete Fight Week lb4lb list go here.  Each day we will be featuring 1 pound for pound boxer and 1 pound for pound MMA fighter. So check back for more information and videos.

And enjoy this video featuring Fedor Emelianenko vs Hong Man Choi

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