Huck-Godfrey Workouts in Germany

Huck-Godfrey Workouts in Germany

Photo Credit – Team Sauerland

WBO Cruiserweight Champion Marco “Captain” Huck (29-1, 22 KOs) and challenger Matt Godfrey (20-1, 10 KOs) today participated in an open media work-out in front of more than 500 fans in Erfurt, Germany.

Captain Huck is determined to defend his title for a fourth time on Saturday night. “My fans love my aggressiveness and explosiveness and I will make sure Matt Godfrey will get a good taste of it,” Huck said. “I am just too explosive for him. The belt stays in Germany. I want to put on another spectacular performance and defeat Godfrey in style.”

Even though Godfrey has left Ulli Wegner guessing in what stance he will fight, the German star coach said it does not matter. “I have prepared Marco for both a southpaw as well as an orthodox stance,” he stated. “Even if Godfrey intends to switch, it will not be a problem. Marco has worked hard in practice. If he listens to his corner, he will defend his title with another great victory.”

Meanwhile, Godfrey believes it will be him who leaves the ring victorious. “I might not have the hardest punch, but I am smarter than Huck,” he said during today´s session. “He’s a big strong guy and a very good puncher. He’s a little limited in some of the things he can do, but he’s very consistent in a lot of the things he does do. He’s a champion for a reason. He didn’t get 29 wins and 22 knockouts by accident. We have a big task on our hands, but we had a great camp to prepare for it. It will be a great fight. ”

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