Amir Khan decks Zab Judah

Amir Khan lifts his record to 26–1 (18 KOs)

In a dominating performance, Amir Khan improved his record to 26-1 with 18 KOs with a 5th round KO over former champion Zab Judah.  From the onset of the bout Amir Khan controlled the pace  and seemingly won every exchange the two fighters engaged in. Khan boxed beautifully in the middle of the ring and effectively used his reach to limit Judah to a defensive strategy. In the 5th round Khan landed a borderline uppercut shot to the belt-line of Judah. Judah went down in the heap thinking he had fooled the referee into penalizing Khan for a low blow. Instead the referee picked up the ten count as Judah tried to give his best performance of the night.  Judah remained flopped on the canvas as the referee counted him out. True to form Judah claimed that he was unfairly hit low and should have been given time to recover. The truth is that Judah quit on the canvas after Khan relentlessly punished him for 5 rounds. Judah was clearly outclassed, was taking a beating, and ultimately found a way to quit.

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