Photo Credit: Jennifer Arredondo

LUIS ORTIZ, Undefeated Top Rated Heavyweight Contender

“My passion is boxing. I’ve been training since I was 12-years-old. Since that age I’ve been training to be a champion. I don’t like to talk a lot; I let my fists do the talking. I just know I am going to be a world champion. The ‘Real King Kong’ is here to stay.

“I know that my opponent has a lot of experience. At the professional level you need to overcome experienced champions and continue moving forward and overcoming obstacles. I respect him as all boxers deserve respect but my thoughts are about being a world champion and being the best boxer in the world, I am the ‘Next Champion of the World’ and this Thursday I am surely going to be victorious.”


“Mi pasión es el boxeo, por eso llevo entrenando desde los 12 años para ser campeón, mis manos son las que hablan y yo se que voy a ser campeón. El King Kong Real esta aquí.

“Se que Monte Barrett es un boxeador con experiencia, al ser profesional hay que pasar por campeones y hay que seguir para adelante y pasar obstáculos. Lo respeto como todo boxeador merece respeto, pero mis pensamientos son de ser el mejor del mundo en el boxeo, soy el ‘Next Champion of the World’ y esta jueves seguro me llevo la victoria.”

GERALD WASHINGTON, Undefeated Heavyweight Top Prospect

“I’ve had a great training camp. I’ve had a long time to prepare. I’ve been working hard and we’re ready to go.

[On his opponent Skipp Scott]

“I know that he’s a big guy that comes forward and that he tries to be aggressive. He’s six foot eight inches and 270 pounds, so I’m looking forward to fighting someone bigger than me for the first time. It’s going to be fun.

“I’m excited about being the co-main event this Thursday. These fights are preparing for bigger and better things. My career as a professional boxer is progressing and I’m ready to go for anything that comes my way. For now all I can say is that Thursday is going to be exciting.”

DIEGO DE LA HOYA, Junior Featherweight Rising Star

“I’ve been training for about a month with great sparring sessions and it’s been a great preparation overall.

“I’m happy about being able to fight close to home [Mexicali] especially because a lot of family and friends will be there [Fantasy Springs] to support me.

“I don’t know much about my opponent. I know that he’s Puerto Rican and that makes him dangerous.

“Fighting on FOX Sports 1/Fox Deportes 1 again makes me very happy because my family that can’t come to the U.S. can watch on FOX Sports 1 or FOX Deportes in Mexicali.

“Thursday will be a great night of boxing; I’m going to give all of the fans a great victory.”


“He estado en campamento por un mes con buenos sparrings y una muy buena preparación. Estoy contento de pelear cerca de mi casa en Mexicali, vendrán muchos de mis familiares y amigos.

“De mi contrincante no se mucho, se que es puertorriqueño y eso lo hace peligroso.

“Me alegra mucho pelear en FOX Sports 1/FOX Deportes una vez mas, especialmente porque mi familia que no puede venir a verme a los Estados Unidos, puede mirar la pele desde su casa en Mexicali por Fox Deportes.

“El jueves será una buena noche y les daré a todos una gran victoria.”

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