Manny Pacquiao dominates Timothy Bradley keeps name in Mayweather sweepstakes

Manny Pacquiao Full sizeBy Isaac Barrio – Just when you thought Manny Pacquiao was washed up and on his way to retirement he totally redeems himself by putting on a dominating performance over an eager and determined Timothy Bradley. Timothy Bradley came into the fight talking knock-out and to the surprise of everyone watching he backed up his talk by coming out aggressive and hell-bent on on fulling his promise. Manny Pacquiao was able to weather any and all pressure put on by Timothy Bradley and returned the favor by putting on a display of effective aggressiveness and masterful defense. At the end of the night Manny Pacquiao emerged victorious over the younger Timothy Bradley.The Pacquiao victory was most likely the last thing Floyd Mayweather wanted to see.

Floyd Mayweather fancies himself as being the best boxer in the world and while most boxing pundits agree with Mayweather’s self assessment many of the same observers do not consider him to be the most entertaining or enduring figure in boxing. Floyd Mayweather doesn’t really care what most ringside desktop warriors think. What Mayweather does care about is his legacy and ranking among the all time best. The million dollar question is, can Mayweather claim to be the greatest if he has the dark cloud of ducking Manny Pacquiao looming over his head.

Mayweather drones say that a Pacquiao fight is not needed because it is a given that Floyd possess superior skills. Mayweather having the superior skills may be true but one should never affront the athletic process. Roy Jones Jr. had the superior skill set over Antonio Tarver and we all know what happened that fateful night. Talk is cheap and pictures of you sleeping during a Pacquiao fight are ironic. Put your “money” where your mouth is and give the fans the fight they want to see.

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