STEVE SMOGERPanama’s former World WBA Champion Chanttall “La Fiera” Martinez is shown here at Rockers Gym with Steve Smoger

TORONTO – Steve Smoger’s popular and informational Referee Clinic, recently conducted in St. Maarten, Delaware and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, will next be held May 26 at the historic Colonial Hotel and Casino in the heart of Panama City, Panama.

 With respect to the Toronto clinic, Executive Director of Boxing Ontario, Matthew Kennedy, commented as follows: “What a pleasure it was for me and our team. Besides the boxers, no one is more scrutinized than the official and, more specifically, that third man in the ring. That position requires its own brand of poise, courage, confidence, integrity, and elegance. With two combatants in the ring, opinionated observers feel the referee is wrong at least half the time; but, with Steve Smoger, even the most hardened critic sees Steve being right all the time. With such pedigree and distinctive accomplishments at the highest level, it was our great pleasure and benefit to have him share that knowledge and experience.”

 “It was truly my honor and pleasure,” Smoger spoke about the Toronto clinic. “The enthusiasm shown by the group of Canadian officials was refreshing and stimulating. There was excellent participation by attendees and questions were on point and made for a stimulating and educational clinic for all of us. It also made my role as the presenter easier. I was very impressed with the great city of Toronto. I enjoyed everyone I met and look forward to having the opportunity to return in the near future. A special thanks goes to the host facility, the Marquis of Granby Pub & Restaurant/Banquet facility as the location host of the event, Boxing Ontario and Matthew Kennedy, of course, and the event coordinator, Jensen Strauss Agency Limitée, who helped put together a seamless and enjoyable visit. It was also a thrill to attend a post-event get together viewing party of Pacquiao vs. Bradley, hosted by Cornerstone Courier, in the presence of legendary George Chuvalo.

 “I look forward to returning to the beautiful country of Panama, where people have exhibited such warmth and hospitality to me in the past, and a country that is truly, in a boxing historical context, the Cradle of Champions.

 Recognized as one of boxing’s most prolific referees, Smoger’s 30-year career includes refereeing more than 850 bouts, averaging 27+ boxing matches refereed per year, and highlighted by more than 165 world title fights.

 A New Jersey and Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame inductee, Smoger is also this year’s Ring 10 Arthur Mercante Award winner as the referee who exemplifies honesty and integrity in the sport of boxing and who attempts to do the best of their ability to keep the sport safe and at the same time entertaining.

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