WOW – Women Of Wrestling Episode 229 Preview 

SEASON 2 EPISODE 29: “Sky’s the Limit” To prove that the members of Team Spirit are more than just benchwarmers, Ariel Sky challenges Top Tier to face Team Spirit head on in the Main Event. A new medical update is revealed, putting the fate of Abilene Maverick’s coveted WOW World Championship title on the line. Tag team action heats up as Exodus and Ice Cold battle the All American Girls and singles action continues as Brat Pack member BK Rhythm takes on Holidead. Will newcomers Goldie Collins and Katarina Jinx dethrone The Mother Truckers in the WOW World Championship Tag Team Match? And finally, David McLane gets to the bottom of recent allegations against The Beast and is ready to make a final statement. 

Photo credit: WOW Television Enterprises, LLC

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