WOW – Women Of Wrestling Episode 232 Preview 

SEASON 2 EPISODE 32: “Friend To Foe” Miami’s Sweet Heat: Laurie and Lindsey demand a title shot and call out The Mother Truckers to defend their gold in the Main Event. Ariel Sky fights for a way back into Coach Campanelli’s good graces, but will Ariel’s status as a wrestler be revoked? Samantha Smart isn’t done with GI Jane as she sends The Classmaster to face the drill sergeant, once her teammate, but now her foe. The drama continues as Adriana Gambino makes it clear that she’s the Boss and her Muscle Reina Del Rey is far from done with Princess Aussie. Will Princess Aussie be able to count on her friend Kandi Krush for backup in the ring? Sasha Sparks aims to show she can stand on her own in the ring against BK Rhythm. Fed up with her disruptive actions in the ring last week, David McLane sets a tag team match for Jessie Jones next week, but who will be Jessie’s partner? 

 Photo credit: WOW Television Enterprises, LLC

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