Miami, Fl. April, 25, 2024.  Josimar, Peru’s #1 salsa artist, announces the release of his new album, “The Last Legend: Tribute to Ismael Miranda.” With a unique voice and an unmistakable style, this project pays homage to one of salsa’s greats, maestro Ismael Miranda, and is poised to captivate the hearts of salsa lovers worldwide. In this production, Josimar presents a collection of songs that capture the essence and eternal legacy of this icon of Latin music.

The song ‘Así se compone un son’ is the track with which JOSIMAR introduces the album, and already marks a significant milestone in the career of the Peruvian singer, by presenting a unique collaboration with the legendary maestro Ismael Miranda.”

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Josimar is known for his unique voice, stage charisma, and passion for salsa music. From a young age, Josimar showed an innate talent for singing and began his music career in his teenage years. With determination and dedication, he made his way in the local music scene and quickly became a prominent figure in the salsa genre in Peru.

Josimar has released several critically acclaimed albums and has won numerous awards throughout his career, establishing himself as one of the most influential and respected artists in the world of salsa. His unique style and ability to interpret both classics and original songs have made him a favorite among Latin music lovers worldwide.

“The Last Legend: Tribute to Ismael Miranda” is a testament to Josimar’s deep respect and admiration for Ismael Miranda. For the recording of the album’s music video, Josimar had the company of Ismael himself, who not only accompanied him during the filming but also sang alongside him and gave his approval to the project. His presence and participation in the video add an additional layer of authenticity and emotion to this special tribute.

This tribute takes on even greater significance due to Ismael Miranda’s status as one of the last maestros of salsa, whose legacy continues to inspire musicians and fans worldwide.

In addition, Josimar is pleased to announce that he will celebrate the release of “The Last Legend: Tribute to Ismael Miranda” with a spectacular concert at La Scala on May 4th, just in time to celebrate Mother’s Month. It will be an evening filled with music, emotion, and tributes, where Josimar will delight his audience with the standout songs from the album, as well as other hits from his repertoire. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of a historic event honoring salsa and the legacy of Ismael Miranda.

For more information about the release and Josimar’s upcoming performances, visit his official website and follow him on social media.


Josimar Fidel is a modern icon of Peruvian music, renowned for his unique talent and overwhelming presence on digital platforms and social media. Born in Lima, Peru, this charismatic singer discovered his passion for music at an early age, influenced by tropical rhythms and salsa.

With a powerful voice and a unique style, Josimar captivated local audiences from his early days in the music scene. His meteoric rise on digital platforms has been impressive, accumulating millions of plays on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming services. His music videos quickly go viral, achieving impressive view counts.

On social media, Josimar has built a solid presence, engaging closely and authentically with his followers. With a loyal and constantly growing fan base, he has fostered an active and committed community that supports him at every step of his career.

His influence on Peruvian and Latin music is undeniable, setting trends and leaving an indelible mark on the industry. With numerous awards and recognitions to his name, Josimar continues to raise the flag of Peruvian salsa worldwide, establishing himself as one of the standout artists of his generation in the digital landscape and on social media platforms.

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