WOW – Women Of Wrestling Episode 233 Preview 

SEASON 2 EPISODE 33: “Shattered Sisterhood” Jessie Jones proves she will go to any lengths to deter her former teammate the All American Girl, Americana, from success. Siren the Voodoo Doll is back! And she’s ready for action alongside Chainsaw as the pair takes on the unlikely duo of Holidead and Chantilly Chella. The much anticipated match between former friends Princess Aussie and Kandi Krush takes place and the two settle their differences in the ring. Coach Campanelli makes sure Ariel Sky knows her place as Top Tier’s water girl. Former WOW World Champions collide as Penelope Pink sets her sights on The Beast to prove she has what it takes to reclaim what was once hers. 

Photo credit: WOW Television Enterprises, LLC

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