WOW – Women Of Wrestling Episode 235 Preview 

SEASON 2 EPISODE 35: “Facing The Boss” The Boss Adriana Gambino makes her way to the ring in style to deal with Princess Aussie. After weeks of tension between these two, Aussie’s mystery partner will finally be revealed, and she must face the unrelenting Boss and her tough-as-nails Muscle when tensions finally come to a head in the Main Event. Animal Instinct: Goldie Collins and Katarina Jinx claw their way into a rematch for the WOW World Tag Team Championship title against fan favorites The Mother Truckers. Bouncing back from a loss, Penelope Pink continues her mission for championship gold as she battles rising star Americana who is being trained by top talent and former WOW World Champion Santana Garrett. Former teammates clash as Coach Campanelli takes on Sasha Sparks with Ariel Sky as Top Tier’s water girl, but how much more indignity can Ariel take? 

Photo credit: WOW Television Enterprises, LLC

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