WOW – Women Of Wrestling Episode 236 Preview  

SEASON 2 EPISODE 36: “A Long Road Back” Former WOW World Champion Santana Garrett gets emotional as she recounts her long journey back to WOW and why this road back means so much. She sets her sights back on the WOW World Championship Title and challenges Abilene Maverick to defend her championship title in the Main Event. The Heavy Metal Sisters Fury and Rebel Haze attempt to shred beach babes Spring Break 24/7, but who will come out on top? With Team Exile on the verge of collapse, all three members are vying for a chance to prove themselves in the ring during an action packed Triple Threat Match. Lana Star finds new opponents for her Miami’s Sweet Heat, Lovely Laurie and Luscious Lindsey in dancing queen Chantilly Chella and wild card Holidead. Will Santana Garrett become the WOW World Champion for a second time in her career or will the champ Abilene Maverick retain her VIP status? 

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