Statement from Vivian Harris

Former Jr. welterweight champion Vivian Harris released the following statement regarding the result of Saturday night’s bout with Lucas Matthysse in Mexico City.

“I just wanted to let everyone know that what happened in Mexico City was by far the worst injustice that I have ever experienced. The fight between me and Lucas Matthysse was a close and competitive fight from the start. In the second round, I hit Matthysse with a right hand that caused severe swelling around his right eye. I’ll admit that I lost the third round. In the forth we exchanged punches, I got hit with a right hand, I was not hurt, my legs were fine, I wasn’t’null dizzy.

I went to tie Matthysse up and out of nowhere Referee Gelasio Perez Huerta breaks us apart. He then tries to remove my mouth piece. At this point I still don’t understand what he is doing, and even Matthysse was unaware of what was happening. Huerta then waves his hands signaling the stoppage! I was in disbelief. How in the world do you just stop a fight like that? Every single person watching could clearly see that I was fine. The crowd booed loudly when they realized the fight was being stopped.

This is boxing, fighters hit, and get hit back, and while I fully understand that the referees’ job is to protect the fighters this stoppage was a disgrace. Win, lose or draw I would accept the outcome, but let it happen the right way, allow both fighters a fair shake! Matthysse himself admitted after the fight that he thought the stoppage was premature.

My team is working hard along with my promoter Golden Boy to get the decision overturned to a no contest and more importantly, an immediate rematch.

Again, I want to emphasize this was not a controversial call it was straight up the wrong call. All you need to do is watch the fight and see for yourself.”

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