Mosley Shows Tenacious Side on Nationally Televised George Lopez Show (TBS); Vows To Knock Mayweather Out on May 1

Los Angeles, CA (April 13)… Sugar Shane Mosley unleashed a less sweet side of his mild-mannered personality on TBS’ “Lopez Tonight” last night as he declared that he will knock out Floyd Mayweather when they meet in the ring May 1 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas and live on HBO Pay-Per-View®.

Lopez to Mosley: “Can you knock Floyd out?”

Mosley: “Definitely.”

Lopez: “Will you knock Floyd out?”

Mosley: “I will knock Floyd out.”

Oscar de la Hoya, who appeared with Mosley, was given a pair of blue boxing shoes with the “Lopez Tonight” logo on the soles in hopes Mayweather would wear them in the ring on May 1.  Lopez said, “When he’s down on his back I want to see the ‘Lopez Tonight’ logo at the biggest moment in boxing history when Sugar Shane Mosley knocks out Floyd Mayweather.”

Please click HERE to view the Mosley & De la Hoya “Lopez Tonight” Interview.

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