Why is Mayweather Ducking Pacquiao?

Why is Mayweather Ducking Pacquiao?

By Shawn Holt

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the  #2 pound 4 pound fighter in the world is known for many things. Dazzling hand speed & reflexes, a flashy lifestyle, and an undefeated record. But Floyd has become known for something else lately. Ducking the Pac Attack!

Its understanding, since Manny Pacquiao is no bum, in the sport of boxing. He has won seven World titles in seven different weight classes. Pacquiao has held the #1 spot in in the P4P rankings, since Floyd’s departure in 08′. The typical casual fan would look at Mayweather’s undefeated record and say “he’s the best”. But speaking for the hardcore boxing fans around the world, an undefeated record means nothing if you haven’t fought the best.

“Money” Mayweather fans would then bring up names such as Diego Corrales, Ricky Hatton, and Arturo Gatti as worthy opponents. Then I would respond “WRONG”! Worthy opponents? No. Worthy names? Yes. All of these men were at the tail end of there career’s or already burnt out(exception for Hatton). Floyd’s precious record is too delicate for him to risk it on top fighters in there prime. So he fights opponents who made a name for themselves earlier in their career‘s, but can no longer live up to them.

Mayweather is simply scared of Pacquiao. He fears Manny’s KO power, and remarkable speed will add an unforgettable loss to his record. Thus, making accusations that Pacquiao is on the ‘roids. Note to Mayweather, just because Pacquiao can whip someone’s butt better than you doesn’t mean he’s on steroids. Look at it this way Pacquiao has nothing to lose from this fight, Mayweather does. If Floyd loses, he loses his pride. If Mayweather doesn’t take the fight his legacy will be forever tarnished, same as if he loses. So if this fight ever happens Mayweather better battle for a W. Random thought: Why does Mayweather in interviews, and on shows, keep repeating “belts/legacy don’t pay the bills”? Floyd you’re a multi-millionaire for crying out loud, the bills are paid! Anyways, fight fans cross your fingers, and hope for a miracle. Fight fans of this generation, pray this fight happens so you can tell your kids about this one day. The Super Crown Don is out!

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