Julio Diaz poses next to speed bag


Indio, CA  – Former IBF Lightweight Champion Julio “The Kidd” Diaz held an open media workout today with his trainer and brother Joel Diaz at the Indio Boy and Girls Club. Diaz is preparing for his May 13 combat against former WBO Junior Welterweight champion Kendall Holt (26-4, 14 KOs) that will take place as the main event of ESPN2’s “Friday Night Fights” from Santa Ynez Valley’s Chumash Casino.

Here’s what he had to say:

About the fight:

“It’s going to be a very exciting fight. It’s a dangerous fight; I know Kendall Holt is coming very prepared to get back into his position but I am going to be ready for him.”

“You can expect to see an explosive Julio Diaz back in the ring. It won’t go to decision. I am a very dangerous fighter when I am ready. I have more knockouts than he has total fights and the public is labeling him the strong fighter and they are disregarding my knockout ratio. It doesn’t bother me, I have always been the underdog and that is what gives me the drive that I have. I have prepared to finish him off.”

“The key is my experience and knowing not to be careless in the ring. The other key is that in training camp I spar against young, talented prospects. They are sharp and very alert. I don’t want any old sparring partners, I want sparring partners that will keep me alive and awake. Fast paced opposition is key while training. One of my sparring partners is up and coming Jose Benavidez who is undefeated. He is a great, intelligent fighter. Very fast and very powerful. I know that when I spar against him that I can’t even take a break to blink because he’s on me! I try to maintain at that rate while sparring because if I can keep up at their rate as an older fighter than I know that I am good.”

His training regiment:

I get up at six in the morning to take my jog when the city is quiet and I can take in the fresh air. I run for about an hour. I put in my gym work at around noon, where I spar, then I go for a swimming session and biking. I just try to stay active. On weekends I will go for a walk, mountain hike or a bike ride. I try and be active all the time. Boxing is on my mind 24-7.

About himself:

“Holt thinks he is going to fight the old Julio DIaz but that is not going to happen. I had about a year where I started to look old and tired in my performance because I wasn’t being disciplined. I was an over weight fighter. He needs to know that he is getting the best Julio Diaz he can get.”

“I started asking for the better fights; where I felt I deserved to be but I wasn’t getting the opportunity until I proved myself. I understand now and I humbled down and realized that I had to show that I was ready for a higher caliber opponent through my performances. I am confident that I do deserve to be back and that is the reason why I took this kind of fight. If I can beat a dangerous Kendall Holt, we’re both world champions, the winner will be back in the mix. So I am willing to take that gamble on myself.”

About what he expects from Kendall Holt:

“I am cautious of his punches. I have seen that he is very sneaky, even when you have him hurt, he starts swinging on his way down. He is very dangerous because he is one of those fighters that swings while he is getting hit. He doesn’t wait for you to finish. He is a dangerous fighter but I am OK with that because I have fought a few of those. I have to be sharp. I can’t take a break in there, I can’t take any easy rounds, I am aware of that.”

Final message to Kendall Holt:

“I hope you don’t come and take it lightly because you aren’t going to get the old Julio Diaz. You are getting the most dangerous fighter you can ever face right now. I have the hunger, I have the power, I have the will and the experience.”

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