50 Cent & Yuriorkis Gamboa quotes and pictures with 50 Cent

50 Cent & Yuriorkis GamboaPhoto gallery below – all pictures by Rey Sanchez

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla.  – Hosted by his promoter Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, undefeated multiple world champion Yuriorkis “The Cyclone of Guantanamo” Gamboa (23-0, 16 KOs) held an open media workout today at Iron Mike Promotions Gym to promote Gamboa’s June 28 world title fight against World Boxing Organization (WBO) lightweight championTerence Crawford (23-0, 16 KOs).


Promoted by Top Rank, in association with SMS Promotions, PS4 and Tecate, Crawford vs. Gamboa will be the 12-round main event, airing live on HBO Boxing After Dark, starting at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, from Century Link Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

Reserved tickets to Crawford vs. Gamboa are on sale starting at just $27.00, with remaining tiers priced at $52.00 and $102.00.  Tickets are available to purchase at the CenturyLink Center Omaha box office and all Ticketmaster outlets, call 800-745-3000 to charge-by-hone, or order online at www.TicketMaster.com.


“Coming from Cuba, the guys were technical and had size, and I fought them a lot. Me, I’ve perfected my strategy to fighting these type of fighters.”

 “I think this will be a counter-vs-counter match.”

“Objective is to get him to the middle range where I can use my speed.”

“Logic says to carry a little more weight as you get older, so I’m comfortable fighting at this weight.”

 “The training camp is going perfect.”
 How are you preparing in this training camp? “General conditioning and working on specific objectives as we draw closer to the fight.”

Working with Floyd Sr? “We worked on defense and counter punching.  I know I tend to put my hands down and we worked on that.”

 Strategy vs Crawford:  “The game plan is to attack from the start, be on the defensive, and develop the fight from there.”

 Why did you go fight Crawford in his hometown?  “At this point, we have nothing to lose. We fight whenever, where ever.”

 Prediction: “We will have a great fight and I’ll give you the best of me every time I fight.  We will win.”

 Working with 50? “It’s been two years up to this point it has been a great opportunity.  I’m aware that other promoters have not made it easy for 50 to complete his two bout agreement.”

 What’s next?  “After this fight, sitting with SMS and looking for a fight with Garcia or someone of that stature.”

 The objective for the fight: “The first objective is not only to win the championship, it’s to give SMS Promotions a better advantage.  I feel they have left them [SMS Promotions] on the side and not given them fights because they don’t them to have a champion.”

 Regarding his career: We have had a great career, of course, nothing is perfect. We have the right to make mistakes like humans but this is a great opportunity to show the people that Gamboa, ‘The Hurricane of Guantanamo’ is here.”

 His state of fighting activity and inactivity. Are you worried about that going into the ring with Crawford? “I’m not worried about that one bit.  I’m not only active when a fight presents itself.  For me inactivity is when you are not training at all but I’m always training.”


 “Gamboa has been with me from the beginning. I got the opportunity to see his talents early on.  He’s here in Miami training hard and this is going to be a great fight.”


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