By Reni M. Valenzuela

Who can push a fool who never made headways to run in a race he is so proud to have conquered?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will never run out of excuses to avoid a humiliating defeat at the hands of a “poor boy” from a poor but fighting country. Delivering him the brutal beating of his life by a man he taunted and falsely accused of many things.

That’s why Floyd will not accept any offer outside of what is impossible to fight a revengeful Manny Pacquiao. Or else the fight would validate his sore points overwhelmingly enough to crush his pride to pieces and expose him further merely as a huge bluff and perfect dud as he knows perfectly well that the fight may invoke ominous
danger for him in countless ways.

Granting Pacquiao would agree to a random drug test, all on Mayweather’s terms, Money Floyd is likely to come up with another set of impossible demands such as the anomalous $100 million guaranteed purse he recently announced and later belied.

Then assuming such amount to be plausible and Top Rank would ridiculously concur to the demand, Mayweather may require next that Pacquiao would undergo a whole body MRI to check if indeed the Pacman doesn’t have any hi-tech battle gadgets built in his system ala Matrix or Bionic Man. Then probably later “Pretty Boy” may
dictate that he and Pacquiao would have to wear mini skirts for a boxing outfit instead of the usual short pants during fight night. And so forth and so on.

The only way perhaps for Pacquiao and Mayweather to be together inside the ring is for Mayweather to serve as the placard-bearing “round boy” in two-piece before the start of each round when the Pacman figures in a suspenseful battle with Sergio Martinez. By then, Mayweather would have to happily settle for a $100 guaranteed purse for each round without having to risk cuts and swelling in his “pretty face” since that’s what concerns him the most.

Could veteran promoter Don King bring up the idea to Mayweather for he would surely jump hard into it at once without a second thought.

Just as endless are Mayweather’s impossible and “cute demands” so are the discussions about the most exciting matchup that can (never) ever happen in this generation by people who refuse to learn reading the sexy posturing of a man too pretty to be bruised in the face and be hit by a “lower” low blow.

What’s the squawk then on trying to make the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight when to dance with Pacquiao is all what ‘Pretty Boy’ wants to do. Finally!

Lights and music please.

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