By Reni M. Valenzuela

There was no fight at all that transpired in the Pacquiao-Mosley show. Only big disappointments among fight fans. It was a Clottey-Pacquiao animated flick over again.

Neither a toe-to-toe nor a pound-for-pound exchange of punches was found in the MGM Grand Arena that day. Just a purse-for-purse mega event by Top Rank. And Bob Arum
emerges to be the biggest winner.

As a result of the poorly made match-up, there was so much trash in the actual “fight”.

From Mosley’s refusal to slug it out or engage with the Filipino champion up to the referee’s “unintentional” blunder to call a “knockdown” the fall of Pacquiao in round ten without Pacquiao being hit by a punch and which was obviously caused by a push from his opponent, the outcome of the bout gave the numerous enraged critics a resounding credence to their opposition in choosing Shane Mosley as Pacquiao’s next combat assignment after Pacman’s another lopsided win against Antonio Margarito, who by the way, was the earlier delusion before a series of prior delusions among Pacquiao’ previous rivals set up by the “genius” in promoter Arum.

The Pacquiao-Mosley last Saturday is history that has just been made. History indeed because there was ever no boxing match-up that was poorly put up but generated so much
hype worldwide and garnered hugely in sales of gate tickets. The venue was packed to the full with over sixteen thousand people who were “carried away” to watch and the numbers in pay-per-view results may later prove to be staggering to potentially topple the TV cable sales of all the other previous fights by other promotional outfits.

If you still don’t get it, the Pacquiao phenomenon substance is losing and the genuine enthusiasm waning. All is hype and the rest is hollow scrap. It’s just the “purse” and the media’s shallow stir caused by bloated PR mechanism and promotional gimmicks by Top Rank that are steadily on the rise.

Honestly, did you feel any thrill or excitement? Or do you think you might have been

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