By Reni M. Valenzuela

After the bad game now comes the blame game. But the trouble with blame
game is that you tend to get easily sidetracked and be on the wrong footing
to asses a situation due to muddled analysis by some opinionated persons

Sugar Shane Mosley must have done something wrong in the light of
our disappointments with the outcome of the Pacquiao-Mosley “fight”
on account of Mosley’s refusal to engage Manny Pacquiao. And that is

In the light of the bigger picture, though, Mosley did just the right thing
and why blame a man for refusing to dance at the brink of a steep and deep
ravine in a circus competition when he is not in a capacity to do so and when
he would get the prize anyhow whichever way.

Of all the people, fans and scribes included, involved in that May 7th dud
bout, Mosley appears to be the most intelligent and sensible mammal on the
planet that particular day.

Blame Bob Arum, the promotional machinery, Showtime, the media, fight
fans and ourselves but not Mosley, for making the “fight” happen, and with
great hype and frustration. For doing what he exactly did in the “fight,” or
in the “circus dance competition,” Mosley earned my utmost respect. And
that gave me more reason to regard him as a great person and a deserving
future boxing hall-of-famer. Pacquiao wins but Mosley won!

Some, indeed, are eager to count the stars in the sky by overlooking the fact
that the moon is one.

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